Природен парк Персина Природен парк Персина http://persina.bg/ Historical inheritance <div style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt"><img style="WIDTH: 154px; HEIGHT: 112px" hspace="2" alt="" align="left" width="300" height="225" src="http://persina.bg/files/Image/skalna_carkva.JPG" />&nbsp;Together with the natural sights, Persina Nature Park territory is a witness of a rich historical past. About this they are denoting the great numbers of monuments, as well as the works of local historians.</div> <div style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt">&nbsp;On the territory of Belene municipality were found and registered more than 36 archeological objects from Roman, Early-Medieval and Medieval villages. One of the most attractive things is the Dimum antic wall - which was roadside and custom-house of great importance (<em>Стоцио Димензис</em>). The wall had taken part of all the historical events like the migration of Slavs, Abars and Goths, for which they were found proofs - objects from the separately cultural layers - dated from 1st millennium BC, when there was exciting the ancient Thracians village Dimum. During the Roman expansion 1st century AC it has became a prime fortification center.</div> <div style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt">&nbsp;Here they are living three religious communities: Catholics, East Orthodox and Muslims.</div> http://www.persina.bg/test/indexdetails.php?menu_id=20&cli_lang=EN#post-1 Temples <p><img hspace="2" alt="" align="left" width="157" height="156" src="http://persina.bg/files/Image/paraklis2.jpg" /></p> <div style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt">In Belene and Oresh the bigger part of the population is consist of Catholics, which descents date as far back as 1086 AC. In the town there are two Catholics temples: &quot;Birth of the blessed Virgin Mary&quot;, which is a sanctuary of the blessed Bishop Evgeni Bosilkov - the first Bulgarian that is pronounced for blessed by Pope John Paul II. It is a place visited by many Bulgarian and foreign Catholics; &quot;St. Anton of Padua&quot; - it has two bell towers and its built in 1898 - 1902 from the Right Reverend Henrick Dulce. The Orthodox Church &quot;St. George&quot; in Belene was built in 1879 and in the small interior there was a place for wonderful iconostasis. In the local historical museum you can see interesting exponents, showing the way of living and the customs of the ancient societies. </div> <div style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt">On the territory of Svishtov they are built a number of religious temples, with remarkable iconostasis: &quot;St. St. Peter and Pavel&quot;, the church &quot;St. Transfiguration&quot;, &quot;St. Trinity&quot; and etc... Proof for the centuries-old cultural-historical past of Svishtov are the excavations of the Roman and Early-Byzantine legion camp &quot;Novae&quot;; &quot;Kaleto&quot; hill, dated from XII-XIV century AC. In Aleko Konstantinovs house-museum it is reproduce rich and beautiful atmosphere, in witch had lived the family of this distinguished Bulgarian writer. In the historical park &quot;<em>Паметниците</em>&quot; there is arranged exposition, traced back the preparation and the force crossing over the Danube river from the Russian army in Russo-Turkish War in 1877.</div> <div style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt">Municipality of Nikopol has very rich heritage too:&nbsp;Medieval church &quot;St. Peter and Paul&quot; - was built during the Second Bulgarian Empire - XIII-XIV centuries; fountain &quot;Elia&quot; is an ancient sarcophagus, with Latin inscription - epitaph of Elia, early deceased wife of the Roman clerk Fronton; the church &quot;Assumption&quot; - built in 1840. This Orthodox Church, stronghold during the Renaissance is still active. Medieval Rock Church - operated in X-XI century.</div> <div style="MARGIN: 0in 0in 0pt"><img style="WIDTH: 169px; HEIGHT: 204px" alt="" width="300" height="400" src="http://persina.bg/files/Image/carkva-stara.JPG" /><img style="WIDTH: 276px; HEIGHT: 205px" alt="" width="300" height="225" src="http://persina.bg/files/Image/gori 004.jpg" /></div> http://www.persina.bg/test/indexdetails.php?menu_id=20&cli_lang=EN#post-2